The TAKS Solution!

The TAKS Solution: Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8, is designed to prepare students to be successful on the TAKS Test. These student workbooks contain 4 lessons specifically addressing each TEK for a total of 148 - 160 lessons per workbook! Six quizzes are included that cover each of the six TEKS objectives. Each workbook also contains a full length practice TAKS test that matches the TAKS content and format. The assessment may be used as a pre/post test to assess student preparedness.

Educators or parents may employ several approaches when using this material:

Approach 1

Cover every lesson. Follow up the lessons with the quizzes. Once every lesson/quiz has been completed, test the student(s) to determine student preparedness. If additional remediation is needed, specifically target the TEKS lessons that should be addressed. The targeted lessons will be determined based on the data from the TAKS assessment. For example, if your student needs additional remediation on the Objective 4 items, (a correlation is provided with the answer key) specifically target the items for the Objective 4 TEKS.

Approach 2

Use the assessment as a pretest to target the specific TEKS lessons that should be assessed. Follow up the lessons with the quizzes and posttest the students to determine that measureable student achievement has been achieved.

The TAKS Solution Provides:

Over 950 Practice Problems in each book!

Practice TAKS test included

Lessons labeled according to specific objectives and expectations

Quizzes and Practice Test correlated to TEKS Objectives

Vocabulary lists

Practice problems presented in a variety of contexts

Success Tracker

Complete answer keys included!

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